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America's Deadliest Train Wreck

Just weeks after the Great Circus Train Wreck of 1918, America's deadliest train disaster occurs near Nashville, Tennessee....Read more

Awesome Stories 101

Welcome to Awesome Stories! Go behind the scenes to learn how this tool helps develop 21st-century teaching and learning...Read more

Memorial Day

On the fourth Monday of May, Americans honor those who have died for their country. Hear a bugler playing "Taps," and learn...Read more

A Beautiful Mind

John Nash, a Nobel-Prize-winning genius who suffered from schizophrenia, died in a tragic car crash on May 23, 2015. He was...Read more


D-Day, at Normandy, begins on June 6, 1944 when more than 160,000 Allied troops land on the heavily fortified French beach....Read more

In Flanders Fields - Story behind the Famous Poem by John McCrae

Honoring those who died for their country, hear John McCrae's poem "In Flanders Field," and learn the story behind the poem....Read more

Stories of the Week May 24-30
Sun 24
  • Samuel Morse Sends 1st Telegraphic Message 1844
    May 24, 1844, Samuel Morse sent the first telegraphic message. But ... was Morse really responsible for developing the famous code ... or ... did he have help from someone else?
  • Trial of Joan of Arc 1431
    The English tried the French heroine, Joan of Arc, as a relapsed heretic in May of 1431. Her trial transcripts reveal that she was afraid of death by burning at the stake.
Mon 25
  • Jesse Owens - Shatters World Records 1935
    May 25, 1935 Jesse Owens, at a college track-and-field meet shattered three world records, and tied a fourth, all within the span of 45 minutes. Learn more in this video interview.
Tue 26
  • Dunkirk Evacuation - 'Operation Dynamo'
    What is known as ''The Miracle of Dunkirk'' began on May 26, 1940. Watch this compilation of historic footage to learn how hundreds of thousands of men escaped a certain death.
Wed 27
  • British Navy Sinks the 'Bismarck'
    Winston Churchill ordered the Royal Navy to do everything in its power to find - and sink - the ''Bismarck.'' This video clip explains how Churchill's order was carried-out on May 27, 1941.
Thu 28
  • Belgium Surrenders During WWII
    On May 15, 1940, German forces began a severe attack on Belgium. By May 28, the country had no choice but to surrender. Watch a video depiction from the German perspective.
Fri 29
  • Scaling Mt. Everest 1953
    May 29, 1953, two men - Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay - reached the top of Mount Everest. Their achievement is the first reported scaling of the world's tallest mountain.
Sat 30
  • Death of Joan of Arc 1431
    On the 30th of May, 1431, nineteen-year-old Joan of Arc was burned at the stake in Rouen, France. Carl Theodor Dreyer's silent movie, ''The Passion of Joan of Arc,'' recreates the event.
  • Joan of Arc - Who was She?
    May 30, 1431, Joan of Arc was burned at the stake. Centuries later, we can still study her trial transcript. The actual story is even more interesting than the legend.
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