Why Teach & Learn with Stories & Primary Sources?

AwesomeStories delivers lessons in a student friendly format. Students love stories about others and themselves in every day and fantasy situations. The lessons and resources are a big plus for me as a teacher so I can show my administration, colleagues, and parents the academic relevance of the assignments. Keep up the excellent service!

Bonnie Patterson, Texas City ISD, Texas City, Texas

A Few of 4228 Stories That Matter Now

What is AwesomeStories?

An intro to AwesomeStories and its great tools: CurriculumMaker, AssignmentMaker...Read more

How Italy Was Unified

How Italy was unified is one of the 19th-century's great stories. It's not exactly...Read more

WWI - Fixing a Shrapnel-Damaged Face

Horrific facial injuries were a serious by-product of trench warfare during...Read more

Summary of the Roman Republic

The Roman Republic lasted for about 500 years. In a nutshell, what do we know...Read more

Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening

What is the meaning behind Robert Frost's famous poem? Have a look and a listen....Read more

Spencer West - Legless Man Summits Kilimanjaro

Defying all odds, Spencer West - a man who has no legs - climbs to the top of...Read more

Mark Twain

Mark Twain, who was born two months prematurely and named Samuel Clemens, becomes...Read more

Letter From Birmingham Jail - Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Arrested and jailed for protesting without a permit, Dr. Martin Luther King,...Read more

Odysseus and the Sirens

Throughout the centuries, artists have created works of art depicting "The Odyssey,"...Read more

Bridge of Spies

Spies are exchanged, in Germany, on February 10, 1962. When James B. Donovan...Read more

Shadow on the Mountain

Explore the true facts behind the fictional "Shadow on the Mountain," by Margi...Read more

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

Imagining what it would be like to have alter-ego boys, both aged 9, living...Read more

Valentine's Day and Its Origins

People have been exchanging Valentines for hundreds of years, but what do we...Read more

Treasures of King Tut and Downton Abbey

King Tut's tomb is opened Feb 13, 1924. Patron George Herbert (5th Earl of Carnarvon),...Read more

Alexander Hamilton and His 21st-Century Popularity

The man on the $10 bill, Alexander Hamilton and his reputation is enjoying renewed...Read more


For 18 years, William Wilberforce pleads with Members of the House of Commons...Read more

Aaron Burr and the Deadly Duel

Aaron Burr became America's third Vice President in 1800. He has an interesting...Read more


The three-part trading system consists of European goods, African slave labor,...Read more

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