Kay Teehan

ATL Kay Teehan Portrait

Technology Resource Specialist/Trainer, Polk County Pulic Schools, Lakeland, FL

Throughout her career as a classroom teacher, library media specialist, college instructor, and technology professional developer, Kay Teehan has recognized the value that technology --and particularly online resources -- adds to the successful engagement of students with the content material.  Kay has received a BS in Education from Northern Illinois University, and a MA in Instructional Technology from Governors’ State University. She presently teaches classroom teachers on strategies and tools to help them seamlessly integrate technology into content lesson plans.

Kay Teehan is very proud to be an Awesome Stories Teacher Leader, a certified Microsoft Innovator Educator, National Board Certified Teacher, Florida Master Digital Educator, and author of three books: Digital Storytelling: In and Out of the Classroom, “Peering” into Technology Coaching, and Wikis: The Educator’s Power Tool.   She has also presented at many conferences across the country, including the National Middle School Association, National School Boards Association, the Florida Association of Media in Education, and the Florida Educational Technology Conference.

What Kay says about Awesome Stories:

“Awesome Stories” is a dynamic online tool that engages students in content presented in story format that covers all curriculum areas.  It is not only engaging, but also filled with cited references and primary source materials embedded throughout.  It encourages critical and creative thinking by the use of many learning modalities including high-quality links to websites, video, images, as well as easy to understand text.  It is not only a wonderful research tool, but is easily adapted for use in Problem-Based Learning and Flipped Lessons. 

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