Melissa Purcell

ATL Melissa Purcell Portrait

Media Specialist, Glynn Academy, Brunswick, GA

Dr. Melissa Purcell is the media specialist at Glynn Academy in Brunswick, Georgia and is a part-time professor in the Instructional Technology department at Georgia Southern University. Her media program was recognized by the Exemplary Media Program for the state of Georgia during the 2011-2012 school year and as an Exceptional Media Program for the state of Georgia during the 2009-2010 and 2010-2011 school years. Dr. Purcell has been recognized as the Library Media Specialist of the Year for Georgia Southeast district. She is a certified Teacher Support Specialist, National Board Certified in Library Media, Gifted Education endorsed, and has had over twenty articles published in educational journals, books, and newspapers.

What Melissa Purcell says about AwesomeStories:

"AwesomeStories offers a wealth of information in one user-friendly location. As a librarian, one of my primary goals is to help students effectively find and use information. The AwesomeStories website makes my job much easier by providing a location full of first-hand information in many different formats. Not only can my students find written information but they can find videos, audios, images, and more to fit their individual learning styles. As an educator, I could not ask for a better site. Lesson plans are readily available and all the resources on the site are designed to support state and national standards. It is almost unbelievable that all these educational resources are available for FREE at one location. It is truly an "awesome" resource!"

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