Michelle D'Augusta

ATL Michelle D'Augusta Portrait

K-12 Educational Consultant, Greater San Diego Academy, CA


Michelle D’Augusta currently is an Educational Consultant at Greater San Diego Academy, a K-12 charter homeschool program. When she started in education, in 1996, she had no idea this is where she would be.

Michelle taught 3rd-6th grade in the San Diego Unified School District for 12 years. Have you ever read Diane Ravitch’s book The Death and Life of the Great American School System? Ms. Ravitch accurately captures how difficult those years were for educators in SDUSD along with the growth of the high-stakes testing movement.

When it came time for a change, Michelle thought she needed to leave education to rekindle her passion for her work. However, it turned out that she just needed to find a new definition of education. It was a combination of a charter school and a homeschool program that relit her fire. In this new version of education, Michelle and her coworkers build relationships with their students, as well as the students’ families. Each child has a personalized learning experience and actively involved support at home.  It is the best of all worlds.


What Michelle D’Augusta says about Awesome Stories:

I am so pleased to be able to offer my students and their parent/teachers an easy-to-use resource that addresses the standards while embracing varying learning styles.

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