Sandie Linn

ATL Sandie Linn

Associate Professor, Continuing Education, San Diego Community College District, San Diego, CA

After moving from Chicago in 1982, Sandie Linn began teaching for the San Diego Community College District at Continuing Education’s Centre City campus. Her first assignment was teaching English as a Second Language in a multi-level class.  Many of her students wanted to enter vocational programs at the college, but didn’t have the English skills to succeed in those classes. She soon became interested in transitioning ESL students into vocational programs. With money from a VATEA grant, she designed and implemented a Vocational English as a Second Language program for Continuing Education.

Coincidently with the start of the VESL program, she wrote VESL curriculum, authored a textbook, Put English to Work, and wrote the text for a computer software CD, Reading in the Workplace: Electronics. This ongoing VESL program was replicated at all six Continuing Education campuses. After the success of the VESL program, she became interested in creating a class to help advanced level ESL students prepare for college. She currently teaches Basic Education and English as a Second Language Transition to College classes to Deaf, Hard of Hearing and hearing students. As part of these classes she also provides students with test preparation practice activities for college placement tests in English and Math.

What Sandie Linn says about Awesome Stories:

My ESL students want to improve their reading scores and increase their vocabulary. The one-stop website that I use with them is Awesome Stories. The reading material on Awesome Stories, which combines the serious nature of a textbook writing and the intriguing style of investigative journalism, is what students need to motivate them to keep reading. Therefore, I endorse Awesome Stories as an excellent online source for intermediate and advanced level ESL students.  Awesome Stories provides students with an opportunity to become acquainted with a topic and delve deeper into the subject matter on several levels. The many links within each story take students to pages of detailed and related information. Students read about the historical background of the story and learn new vocabulary at the same time. This makes it a website for ESL adult learners which I heartily recommend.

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