Scottie Kersta-Wilson

Scottie Kersta-Wilson

Writer, Teacher, Photographer, Editor, Chicago, IL

Scottie Kersta-Wilson is a Jill-of-all-Trades, she writes, teaches, photographs, edits, and is known to play a musical instrument from time to time. Her passion and focus are wars in which the United States has been engaged. She reminds us that until we know our history, we are doomed to repeat it. So, she uses her talents to tell war stories in interactive ways that not only engage the learner, but provoke thought, discussion, and perhaps even art. Art is what saves humanity.

What Scottie Kersta-Wilson says about Awesome Stories:

I found Awesome Stories while completing a middle-school primer on music and theatre in Japanese POW camps in the Philippines during WWII. I was astounded at the sourced story-telling I found on AW. I believe that stories are the way people of all ages learn best. When they can attach an event to a personal story, then it belongs to them. Awesome Stories continues to provide a place to learn and to learn to live.

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