Tara Walters

Tara Walters

5th Grade Teacher, Waynesboro, VA

Tara Walters is a 5th grade teacher in Waynesboro, Virginia. She received her undergraduate degree in Elementary Education in 2004 from King's College in Wilke-Barre, PA, and her Master's Degree in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Scranton, in Scranton  PA in 2006. Tara started her teaching career in 2004, teaching 3rd grade in Richmond, VA. She taught 3rd grade for 2 years, 4th grade for 6, and now teaches 5th grade. Tara is an NTTI Master teacher who thoroughly enjoy learning new technology and integrating it into her classroom. Tara also enjoys grant writing and has received over $12,000 in grants for her classroom. Tara loves being a teacher, learning new things, and sharing the love of learning with others.

What Tara Walters says about Awesome Stories:

Awesome Stories is an amazing way to include primary resources into my fifth grade classroom.  I am always looking for a way to make history come alive to my students. Awesome Stories helps me to do that. The stories help my students really understand the history and they learn about perspectives. Integrating language arts and history in an engaging way is very important to me. I want my student to be able to see how these subjects intertwine and relate to each other. I love how easy Awesome Stories makes that for me. I am easily able to correspond the stories to my state standards. I love this awesome resource!


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