Brotherhood of the Wolf - La BETE

Most of what is known about la Bete comes to us from Abbe Pierre Pourcher, a French priest who wrote extensively about the killings. His Histoire de la Bete du Gevaudan has recently been translated into English.

At the time, until she was caught, people were not exactly sure what type of animal la Bete really was. Some of the candidates could have been:

  • Wolf - although experts who hunted la Bete, and people who survived her attacks, said she was not a wolf.
  • El Chupacabras - drawings made by people who saw this animal (which killed 150 goats in the Canavoras region of Puerto Rico) are similar to drawings of La Bete.

King Louis XV was so concerned about La Bete that, in the summer of 1765, he sent his chief Arquebusier, Antoine de Bauterne, to kill it. He offered Bauterne a huge reward if he succeeded.


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