Death of a Tsar: Romanov Execution - Summary

Meeting a tragic end, Nicholas Romanov is the last Tsar of Russia.

Although his family has ruled Russia for more than 300 years, Nicholas II appears to be ill-prepared for the colossal task of ruling the enormous Russian Empire. His coronation feast, where crowds are out-of-control, leads to the death of about 2,000 people. His reign results in significant military losses for his country. Nicholas is out of touch with the common people, but he has the support of the aristocracy for most of his reign.

Once the momentum of radical change begins to build in Russia, Nicholas is powerless to stop it. He misses his opportunity to bring about peaceful change among the Russian people. By insisting on the old ways of the past, he writes himself out of a place in the future. Realizing he cannot stop the unrest happening in his country, Nicholas abdicates the throne for both himself and his son. 

Alexei, the fifth child and only son of Nicholas II ("Tsar of all the Russias"), has hemophilia. Treating Alexei’s condition. Rasputin, a monk and "healer," becomes a close and trusted advisor to the Romanov family. The Empress becomes dependent on Rasputin and relatives of the imperial family believe murder is the only way to get rid of the monk. This is just the beginning of the murders.

Once he gives up the throne, Nicholas is exiled with his family. As exiles, the Romanovs live a life very different from their royal upbringing. With Russia in full-scale revolution, Bolsheviks shoot and kill the Tsar and his immediate family in the cellar of the Ipatiev House, their in-exile home. 

Nicholas’ daughters reportedly survive the first hail of bullets. They are wearing gems sewn into their clothing. The precious stones provide some protection from the bullets. To complete their murder assignment, the executioners reportedly shoot the young girls in the head. 

The Romanovs' bodies remain in a shallow grave, until 1979, when their remains are found. No one is sure where two of the Tsar's children are. People began to speculate whether some of the family members might have survived. Examine the evidence and decide for yourself. 

Tour the Romanov homes and towns. Become familiar with the priceless Faberge Easter Eggs that Russia is known for. View royal outfits worn by the Tsar and Tsarina. Examine a Romanov treasure—an Altar Book of Gospels that is bound with precious metal and gems. Read excerpts from biographies on Rasputin, Tsarina Alexandra, Tsar Nicholas, Tsar Alexander III and Empress Maria Feodorovna. 

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