Braveheart - Summary

It is a difficult time for the people of Scotland. Edward I (commonly called “Longshanks”) is a tall, powerful military genius who has subjected Wales after fierce fighting. The Welsh are now in Edward's hands, and those hands are beginning to tighten around Scotland.

 Always asserting they are a free and independent people, the Scots are crushed by Edward's military might in 1296. Longshanks (played by Patrick McGoohan in the film) has been helped by Scottish lords, loyal to Britain.

When John Balliol (the Scottish king) surrenders to the English, the Scots are outraged - then unmercifully taxed. They need a hero to believe in so they can once again believe in themselves.

In the rugged land to the north, not everyone is willing to swear an oath of allegiance to the British monarch. Some Scots still covet independence. The Wallace family is willing to risk deadly consequences for refusing to swear allegiance to an outsider. Malcolm Wallace (Sean Lawlor) pays the ultimate price when he is killed, by Lord Fenwick, on Louden Hill.

After the death of his father, William Wallace (Mel Gibson) actively resists British rule. He weds Marian Braidfoot, according to legend, around 1297. After the sheriff of Lanark kills Marian (Catherine McCormack), Wallace dispatchs the sheriff and attacks the town. Even Scottish nobles, who have sworn allegiance to Longshanks, back Wallace with their hearts.

In this story behind the film, step back to the thirteenth century and examine Wallace’s famous two-handed sword. Go to Stirling Bridge, the scene of a famous battle, where Wallace and his men defeat Longshanks’ army. Meet Robert the Bruce, a Scottish noble who believes in Wallace and, after defeating the English at Bannockburn, becomes king of Scotland.

See the place where Wallace was captured, following his betrayal. Learn about the trial in which he is convicted of treason, then condemned. Meet Isabella of France, Longshank’s daughter-in-law, who leads a successful revolt against her husband, the ineffectual Edward II. And ... visit the places where Wallace’s body parts are sent after his gruesome execution.

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