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The Musketeer is movie based on the life of D’Artagnan, a character from Alexandre Dumas' classic novel The Three Musketeers. D'Artagnan (child Max Dolbey) becomes an orphan at a young age when one of Cardinal Richelieu’s (Stephen Rea) henchmen, Febre (Tim Roth), murders his parents. D’Artagnan witnesses the murders and is nearly killed himself in a sword fight with Febre.

As a result of the fight, D’Artagnan blinds Febre in one eye and gives him a terrible wound across his face. D'Artagnan is taken in by Planchet (Jean-Pierre Castaldi), a former Musketeer and one of King Louis XIII's (Daniel Mesguich) protectors.

Cardinal Richelieu disbands the Musketeers in order to take over the King’s authority. He also ensures that the head of the Musketeers, Treville (Michael Byrne), is no longer a threat by putting him in prison. When the grown D'Artagnan (Justin Chambers) finds out what has happened to the Musketeers, he convinces two of the Musketeers—Athos (Jan Gregor Kremp) and Porthos (Steve Speirs)—to help him free Treville. 

Richelieu tries to create hostility between France, England, and Spain in order to gain more political power for himself. With the help of Febre, a mob forms at the French Royal Palace during a visit from an English dignitary—Lord Buckingham (Jeremy Clyde). D'Artagnan, with the help of Athos, Porthos, and another Musketeer Aramis (Nick Moran), saves the King, Queen (Catherine Deneuve), and Buckingham from being hurt or killed.

In order to protect them on a journey to France, D’Artagnan chaperones the Queen and her chambermaid, Francesca (Mena Suvari), to meet Buckingham. Febre is able to kidnap Francesca and the Queen and use them to set a trap for Buckingham.

D'Artagnan returns to Paris and convinces the surviving Musketeers to help him rescue the three prisoners before a war starts due to their imprisonment. Knowing they are still responsible for protecting the Crown, all the remaining Musketeers join him to save the Queen and Lord Buckingham. Will the Musketeers be successful in their quest? Can a war be avoided?

In this story behind the movie, meet D’Artagnan and other Musketeers. Read about the real exploits of D’Artagnan.

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