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Kingdom of Heaven is a movie about a knight who defends the Kingdom of Jerusalem against Muslims who want to reclaim the city from the Christians.

In 1184, Balian (Orlando Bloom), a French blacksmith, is haunted by his wife's recent suicide. Balian kills his brother for taking his wife’s crucifix from her body. On the run, Balian joins a group of Crusaders on a journey to Jerusalem.

One of the Crusaders is Balian's father, Baron Godfrey (Liam Neeson) of Ibelin. Balian hopes to gain forgiveness and redemption for himself and his wife in Jerusalem. When men arrive to arrest Balian, Godfrey refuses to surrender him. A fight ensues and Godfrey is shot with an arrow.

Godfrey knights Balian before dying from his injuries. Godfrey asks Balian to serve the King of Jerusalem and protect the helpless. During Balian's journey to Jerusalem he is in a ship wreck and, except for a horse, he is the only survivor.

A Muslim cavalier, and what appears to be the cavalier's servant, confront Balian. A fight over the horse follows and Balian kills the cavalier, but spares the servant, asking him to guide him to Jerusalem. Upon arriving, Balian gives the horse to the servant and releases him. 

In Jerusalem, Balian meets King Baldwin IV (Edward Norton), the King's sister Princess Sibylla (Eva Green) and her husband Guy de Lusignan (Marton Csokas). Guy wants to rid the kingdom of Muslims and supports the Knights Templar.

Baldwin IV suffers from leprosy and Guy intends to rule after the King's death. Guy wants to provoke a war which will allow him to dispose-of the Muslims and claim the Kingdom for the Christians.

With the aid of the Templars, Guy and his co-conspirator, Raynald of Chatillon (Brendan Gleeson), massacre a Muslim trade caravan. Saladin (Ghassan Massoud), leader of the Muslim forces, advances on Raynald's castle, to punish him for his crime.

Balian tries to protect the villagers in the castle from Saladin's cavalry but is captured. In the enemy camp, Balian encounters the servant he set free, Imad ad-Din (Alexander Siddig), and learns he is actually Saladin's Chancellor. Imad ad-Din releases Balian.

King Baldwin swears to punish Raynald if the Muslims retreat. Raynald is forced to kiss the King’s diseased hand and is put in prison. After Baldwin dies, Sibylla succeeds her brother and thus Guy becomes King of Jerusalem.

Guy releases Raynald and tells him to give him the war he wants. Can a war be avoided? Does Balian find the forgiveness and redemption he seeks?

In this story behind the movie, tour Jerusalem and meet some of the people who live there. Travel back in time to experience life during the era of the Crusades and learn the perspectives of the opposing sides.

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