Snow White - Summary

Mirror Mirror is a movie based on the fairy tale, Snow White. The plot closely follows the original Brothers Grimm story which was published in 1812. 

Snow White's mother dies in child birth, and her father, the King (Sean Bean), marries Clementianna (Julia Roberts), the most beautiful woman in the land. Clementianna becomes the Queen and raises Snow White.

One day, the King leaves to fight a great evil that has invaded the land, but he never returns. The Queen rules in his absence and keeps Snow White in the palace.

Ten years later, Snow White (Lily Collins) turns eighteen and desires to see her kingdom. Defying the Queen's orders, she leaves the palace. Arriving at a forest, she meets Prince Andrew Alcott (Armie Hammer) who has been robbed by thieving dwarfs. She and the Prince are drawn to each other but go their separate ways. Snow White arrives in the town, and finds the once-happy town’s people are destitute due to the Queen's greed.

Meanwhile, Prince Alcott finds his way to the palace. The Queen realizes he comes from a wealthy kingdom, and hosts a party to woo the Prince to solve her financial problems. Snow White secretly attends the ball and plans to ask the Prince to help her restore the kingdom.

The Queen notices them dancing and orders her man-servant, Brighton (Nathan Lane), to take the Princess into the forest and feed her to the Beast (Frank Welker) which lives there. Brighton takes Snow White to the forest, but he releases her and urges her to run.

Snow White flees the Beast and collapses at the door of a home. She wakes up and realizes she is with the Seven Dwarfs:  Grimm (Danny Woodburn), Butcher (Martin Klebba), Wolf (Sebastian Saraceno), Napoleon (Jordan Prentice), Half Pint (Mark Povinelli), Grub (Joe Gnoffo) and Chuck (Ronald Lee Clark).

Does the Prince save her?

Although the Grimm Brother’s fairy tales have elements which cannot be true, there is evidence that parts of their stories are based on real people and places.  Journey along "Fairy Tale Road" to learn more about the real places featured in the Brothers Grimm’s fairy tales.

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