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Cocaine powder.  Cocaine in various forms may also be referred to as: coke, crack, charlie, blow, toot, snow, nose candy, white dust.  Image online courtesy US DEA.


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Carlos Lehder to George Jung
Danbury Prison

It was a fateful meeting that would lead to dire consequences for many people. George Jung, doing time for smuggling marijuana, met Carlos Lehder,* doing time for smuggling cars across the US/Canadian border.

Within a few years of their discharge from Danbury Correctional Facility, Jung and his cell mate Lehder (who was also serving time for marijuana possession) found a way to do business together. Carlos had a plan: To flood America with cocaine which would destroy the political and moral structure of the United States.

As Carlos liked to say: Cocaine was the atomic bomb, and he was going to drop it on America.


*In the movie "Blow," Diego Delgado is the Carlos Lehder character.

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