Last Hours of Pablo Escobar

On the run, Pablo Escobar has become a different person. His repeated phone calls are about to give-up his location to the police.

Lonely, because he is without his wife and children, Pablo is reduced to hiding-out from all sorts of people. Out-of-shape, from eating too much “junk food,” he’s become overweight. Bearded and long-haired, he can walk around town without being recognized.

As his protective circle collapses, leaving him without a cadre of bodyguards, Escobar sometimes seeks safety in the jungle. Fleeing his home "prison," known as La Catedral—so he can avoid incarceration in a real prison—Pablo's existence is reduced to living like a refugee who trudges through the forest, drinking water from nearby lakes.

People whom Escobar once helped, during his powerful days, now help him. Lus Mere Valencia is one of those people. She still feels a strong loyalty to Pablo because he helped her—and MANY others like her—to lift themselves from the depths of poverty.

Today a health-care worker, Valencia remembers what it was like when Escobar came to her home. He was:

...a beggar at the door, dressed in rags like us.

How can she help the once-powerful Escobar? She gives him a cornmeal fritter—known, in Colombia, as an arepa—and then watches him disappear into the cover of darkness.

This Pablo makes mistakes. One of those mistakes is staying on the phone too long with his loved ones.

December 2, 1993 is one of those days when Escobar is really missing his family. They are separated from him for their own safety.

Staying at his aunt's home, Pablo is unaware that Colombian police are about to find him. The phone calls he repeatedly makes, especially to his son—Juan Pablo Escobar—are about to give up his location.

After his father's death, Juan Pablo changes his name to Sebastian Marroquin.  He, and his family, now live in Argentina. 

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Video clip, from The King of Cocaine (1998), a television documentary aired by the Learning Channel for its series, "Legends."  Copyright, Parco Films, all rights reserved.  Clip provided here as fair use for educational purposes.


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