Pablo Escobar - Death on a Rooftop

The Colombian police have tracked Pablo Escobar's location to his aunt's home in Medellin. An unsuspecting Pablo is reportedly having spaghetti for a late breakfast.

When the police storm the house, Escobar and his bodyguard try to escape from the rooftop. Neither of them make it.

Pablo dies, but here's an important question. Who killed Pablo Escobar?

The news media reported that the police killed Pablo, and that's what the official version of the take-down says, but Escobar's family disagrees. There is a reason they disagree, and it has everything to do with what Pablo told them before he died.

If he were ever forced to take his own life, he would put the bullet in a particular place (and he would use a specific gun to do it). Pablo's body had the fatal bullet in that particular place (and his specified weapon was laying at his side, while another gun was still in his holster).

Then ... there is the belief, which some Colombians hold, that Pablo was killed by members of Los Pepes.

Who (or what) is Los Pepes ? Los Pepes is an abbreviation for Los Perseguidos por Pablo Escobar (meaning, in English, “People Persecuted by Pablo Escobar”). Pablo was convinced that Los Pepes  would kill his children.

At the beginning of this video clip, a journalist tells us about a conversation that she’d had with Escobar. He told her that he was extremely worried about the “civil rights” and, indeed, the lives of his children who were threatened by Los Pepes.

No one, Escobar told the journalist, was the slightest bit concerned about stopping Los Pepes—except for Pablo. No one was the slightest bit concerned about keeping his children safe—except for Pablo.

Instead of attacking and killing his children, did Los Pepes kill Pablo? Los Pepes—people who’d been persecuted by Escobar—certainly had the motive to kill the drug kingpin. They clearly were assassinating people close to Pablo.

Did Los Pepes have the wherewithal to kill Pablo? Did they have the access?

The answer to that question—according to some Colombian nationals—is “Yes.”

So ... who is right about how Escobar died? Does the evidence point to the police, to Pablo himself or to Los Pepes ?

To see these recreated scenes, and hear how the surprise attack took place, move the cursor ahead to 4:00 in the clip at the top of this page (which is from The King of Cocaine documentary).

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Clip, from The King of Cocaine (1998) television documentary, aired by the Learning Channel for its series, "Legends."  Copyright, Parco Films, all rights reserved.  Clip provided here as fair use for educational purposes.

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