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This image depicts a headline from the London Chronicle which was published on August 13, 1776 (a Tuesday).  It announces that Britain’s colonies in American have declared their independence, effectively declaring war against the Mother Country. Click on the image for a better view.


Even though the thirteen colonies declared themselves free, London disagreed. Political cartoons of the time express British views of the revolt. Follow this link to a cartoon where one of the characters (a clergyman) tells the rest of the folks (ragtag American soldiers):

Tis Old Oliver's Cause No Monarchy No Laws

In other words, the American war was just like Oliver Cromwell's a century before: inspired by religious fanaticism.

The Theatre of War in 1776 was carefully tracked in London as well as in America. Washington's defeats of 1776 were also recorded in the British papers. By December 1, 1776 the Brits were happy with the progress of war in the colonies. Follow this link to a cartoon with a gloating caption:

News from America, or the Patriots in the Dumps.

The gloating soon ended when General Washington and his troops crossed (December 9-10) and recrossed (December 25-26, 1776) the Delaware River. (Follow this excellent link to view the U.S. Military Academy map depicting where Washington crossed the river. Look in the lower left-hand corner. The annotated map also describes the battles.)
America delivered (this is an animation) quite a Christmas present to the Redcoats: A surprise attack at Trenton and a much-needed victory (and boost in confidence) for the patriots.
But confidence in war, like the rest of life, ebbs and flows depending on lows and highs.  One of the lowest points, in war or life, happens when a trusted person turns traitor. The actions of the most famous hero-turned-traitor in the Revolutionary War were so bad his name means traitor in America: Benedict Arnold.
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