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This split image of King Tut, online via The Daily Mail, depicts his mummified remains (on the left) and a reconstruction of his face (on the right). To learn more about this Egyptian Pharaoh, visit National Geographic's website about him.


The tomb of King Tut - the "boy king" who may have died from an infection, malaria or a chariot-fall - was discovered in the Valley of the Kings in 1922. His coffin, made of solid gold, weighs 450 pounds. Tut’s treasures, on display at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, represent some of the few royal artifacts not stolen by grave robbers soon after pharaohs were buried.

There may be other treasures, hidden with the mummified remains of pharaohs who owned them in life, resting undisturbed in the Valley of the Kings. Maybe there is even a Pharaoh named Ahkmenrah, still waiting to be unearthed. Given mankind’s endless fascination with mummies, it is safe to say we have not heard the last of their discoveries.

One of mankind’s most significant discoveries was the ability to make fire. Was that skill possessed by Neanderthals?

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