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Jack the Ripper is the best-known name given to an unknown serial killer who is active in London in 1888. From Hell—an illustrated novel made into a film—takes as its premise Stephen Knight's theory that "The Ripper Murders" are part of a conspiracy. The theory is that the women are murdered to conceal the birth of an illegitimate royal baby. 

Prince Albert Victor, grandson of Queen Victoria—known as "Eddy" (to his family and friends) and the "Duke of Clarence" (to the public)—allegedly fathers a daughter out-of-wedlock. Prince Albert supposedly marries the mother of his child, Annie Crook. Annie is an illiterate shop girl in London's East End. Queen Victoria apparently becomes aware of the marriage and has someone separate Albert from his wife by forcibly placing Annie in an asylum. 

The potential scandal—according to this version of the Ripper tale—is resolved until a group of prostitutes, Annie's friends, attempt to blackmail the royal family. Suddenly the women are murdered in the most gruesome of ways. These grisly murders are never solved. 

Inspector Fred Abberline (Johnny Depp) is the lead detective for the Ripper cases. He is a brilliant-yet-troubled man. He often aids his police work with his psychic connections. As his investigation proceeds, Abberline begins to "fall for" one of the Whitechapel prostitutes, Mary Kelly (Heather Graham). Mary Kelly is at-risk of becoming one of the Ripper’s victims.

Abberline's investigations, in real life, lead him to believe that an educated person is responsible for the murders. The murders appear to be precise and surgical. Abberline consults Sir William Gull (Ian Holm). Gull is a physician to the Royal Family.  Back to the theory ... all the clues seem pointed at a dark and organized conspiracy. 

Many people believe that the police are covering-up the identity of the Ripper because he is someone of importance in London. One theory suggests that Prince Albert Victor is Jack the Ripper. Another theory suggests that Sir William Gull, Queen Victoria’s physician, is Jack the Ripper. Other theories suggest other suspects.

In this story behind the movie, follow the evidence provided through extensive research and decide for yourself whether this still open-case is solvable.

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