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This image depicts a beautiful painting conveying the sense of “awesomeness” that must have existed, in ancient Greece, when all of the buildings, at the Athenian Acropolis, were standing.

The people of Athens built the Parthenon following the end of the Persian Wars.  Grateful to the goddess Athena, for helping them survive the attacks, Athens’ citizens gave her statue a prominent place in the new temple.

During 1846, Leo von Klenze (1784-1864) created this painting, known as the “Reconstruction of the Acropolis and Areopagus in Athens.”  Today it is maintained by the Neue Pinakothek gallery in Munich, Germany.

This is the artist’s rather fanciful interpretation of how the Acropolis may have appeared in ancient-Greek times. It is doubtful that the Areopagus (the rocky place where people are milling about in the painting’s foreground) was ever really that flat.

On the right side of the painting is the Parthenon (which housed the huge statue of Athena Parthenos).

The steps lead-up to the Propylaea (behind which we see a rather gigantic statue, also the artist’s interpretation).

The statue of Athena Parthenos, which was housed inside the Parthenon during ancient-Greek times, is either obscured from view (in the painting) or is recognized, by the artist, as being lost.

Click on the image for a wonderful view.

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