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This image depicts an Allosaurus fragilis standing over its prey - an Apatosaurus excelsus.  The exhibit is at the American Museum of Natural History (AMNH).  Follow the link - to the Smithsonian - to learn more about this ferocious creature.  Photo of AMNH Allosaurus fragilis by Ryan Somma, online courtesy Wikimedia Commons.  LICENSE:  CC BY-SA 2.0


...creatures far surpassing in size
the largest of existing reptiles...
for which I would propose
the name of Dinosauria.

Sir Richard Owen 

Dinosaurs. Those fierce, monstrous creatures fascinate young and old, scientist and amateur.

How could beings so huge have roamed the earth? What was their life like? Whatever happened to them? Why do certain parts of the world have so many fossilized dinosaur remains?

And, significantly, what do we really know about Jurassic-era dinosaurs? 

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