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This Tyrannosaurus rex holotype specimen resides at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History (in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania). Photo by Scott Robert Anselmo; online via Wikimedia Commons. License: CC BY-SA 3.0


Tyrannosaurus rex, undoubtedly the most famous dinosaur of all, was a North American meat-eating creature first "discovered" in 1902 by Barnum Brown. Found in Montana, T. rex was named in 1905 by Henry F. Osborn who used a Latin phrase to aptly describe the "Tyrant Lizard-King."

Brown's 1902 specimen was incomplete. Six years later, he found more fossilized remains (in the same Hell Creek, Montana location) for the American Museum of Natural History. When viewed together, both specimen provided scientists with a good picture of this enormous carnivore.

By 1915, the first T. rex mount (consisting of the 1908 skeleton plus casts of missing pieces from the 1902 discovery) revealed a ferocious creature possessing the power to efficiently annihilate its prey. (Scientists have determined that T. rex ate Triceratops, among other things.)

Digging for Dinosaurs has resulted in other amazing discoveries. New "finds" have shown that T. rex really wasn’t the biggest creature to roam the earth. But, thanks to a discovery in South Dakota, everyone can now see a nearly complete T. rex skeleton.

It belongs to "Sue," (named for Sue Hendrickson, its finder). It's current home? Chicago's Field Museum.

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