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This is it.
I don't want to hear
about another fight...
I'm satisfied with everything I did,
and how I did it.

Micky Ward 
Comments on Retiring from Boxing

Dickie Eklund believed he was the star of a documentary about his "come back."  On the other hand ... he wasn't having a come back.  He was in the midst of a mind-and-body altering struggle with crack cocaine

The boxer who went ten rounds with Sugar Ray Leonard was now reduced to ten rounds of memory.  He couldn't come back to the world of boxing when he couldn't put down his crack pipe long enough to get into shape - and stay focused.

One thing he could - and did - do.  He believed in his younger brother, "Irish" Micky Ward.  And he learned, over time, not only how to help Ward get past a career-threatening injury - to achieve fame in the boxing ring - but also how to pull himself out of the drug-adled world into which he had descended.

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