Elizabeth I: The Golden Age - Summary

Cate Blanchett revives her role as Britain’s queen in this sequel to the award-winning "Elizabeth."

Geoffrey Rush returns as Sir Francis Walsingham while Clive Owens plays Sir Walter Raleigh.

Britain is threatened with an attack by King Philip II of Spain - Elizabeth’s former brother-in-law. A vast armada is en route, sailing toward England. Philip’s objective is an invasion of the island kingdom, resulting in a regime change. He wants to restore the ascendancy of the Catholic pope (which Elizabeth strongly opposes) and to punish Elizabeth for executing her Catholic cousin (Mary, Queen of Scots).

How is the alarm sounded throughout Britain, as the Spanish ships near the country’s southern shores? Believing she, and her country, are seriously threatened by a Spanish invasion, Elizabeth gives a stirring speech to her troops. What does she say? How do her soldiers respond?

In this story behind the movie, virtually visit sixteenth-century Britain. “Meet” the queen, her councilors and Sir Walter Raleigh. Learn how Philip II planned, and built, his armada. Review the secret code which Mary, Queen of Scots used to communicate with her supporters. And ... investigate what happened to the Spaniards as they were forced, by bad weather, to sail home by way of the North Sea.

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Original Release: Oct 01, 2007

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