Daddy (Illustration) Poetry Ethics


I needed to say thank you.

      I needed to say I'm sorry.

            I needed to say I miss you,

      but I couldn't take the bother.


I needed to scream in your face.

I needed to cry in your arms.

I needed you.

Where were you?


You needed me to tell you I love you.

You needed a sign of hope.

You needed forgiveness, understanding.

You needed to cope.


I've been away for so long,

      I can still see your face,

            hear your voice,

                  feel your love.


I miss you.

   So here I am,

            with humbled hands,

                  years past since anger dissipated,

            forgive me.


How come you never told me

            fathers miss their daughters too?


Author: Jeannine Proulx

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