I Picture Myself. Me.

I Picture Myself.  Me. (Illustration) Poetry


I picture myself -

black spiritualist

singing it down in the fields,

low Swing-Lows heard deep

down from the soul,

keeping the hands moving

the mind occupied.


I picture myself -

Andrew sister

singing songs that Grandma

used to sing.

Oh, how the times they change.

It's a Grand Old Flag

the music means the same once again.


I picture myself -

Ella Fitzgerald

my mother at night.


brings tears to my eyes to this day.

The Freedom of Jazz

can touch you in so many ways.


I picture myself -

Janis Joplin

rasps from whiskey, smoke and wine.

She also sang a mean



I picture myself -


unabashedly vogueing it up.

I do a wicked Material Girl

for the audience of my mirrored self.

Dancing naked in the moonlight,

freedom reigns.


I picture myself famous.

I picture myself free,

torn from the doubts that

cloud my dreams.


I picture myself -



Author: Jeannine Proulx

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Original Release: Oct 24, 2013

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