Vietnam War - Summary

Rarely have Americans been as bitterly divided as they were about the Vietnam War. Young people, including teenagers, were drafted and sent to fight an enemy they did not know in a war they did not understand. Nearly 59,000 Americans died.

Those who returned home did not receive a hero’s welcome. Some were taunted as “baby killers.” Others carried physical and emotional scars of battle. Sent halfway around the world to fight someone else’s war, most were forever changed. America, scholars said, had lost her innocence.

Take a virtual journey back in time to see, and hear, the undeclared Vietnam war. Examine why the Kennedy administration sent advisors into the country and why fighting escalated during the Johnson administration.

See pictures of the aircraft used by both sides during the war and uncover the facts behind the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution. Learn about the “Tet Offensive,” North Vietnam’s massive cease-fire-breaking invasion of the South, and its impact on the American public. Visit the ancient city of Hue, hear the sounds of actual battle and see what happened there during the early days of Tet.

Watch President Johnson declare: “I shall not seek, and I will not accept, the nomination of my party for another term as your president.” Examine what happened in Saigon after America withdrew her military. And ... take a virtual trip to the Vietnam Wall which veterans built with the help of private donations.

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