First Emperor of China - Summary

The unification of China begins with a man in the third century BC, by the name of Ying Zheng who begins his rule in Qin or Ch’in. A major way to unify the former seven states into one country and protect the country from outsiders is to build the Great Wall.   Unfortunately, the work costs numerous workers their lives.

Ying Zheng is only thirteen when he ascends the throne after his father’s death. His main goal is to unify the country known today as China. It takes twelve years to conquer his neighboring states with his army. The country is as diverse geographically as the various leaders Ying Zheng has to overcome in order to unite the country. He links the states he conquers and begins building the Great Wall.

Ying Zheng as the first Emperor takes his new name, Qui Shi Huang-Di, from two former rulers, San-Huang and Wu-Di. As the first Emperor, he unites the country’s writing, currency, laws, punishment, and weights and measuring system.

He is extremely hard on workers and anyone who goes against him. Killing an entire team because one worker does not show up is not unusual. Burying people alive was only one of his punishments. He forces workers to build the Great Wall and his mausoleum.  It takes thirty-six years to make the famous Terra Cotta soldiers that will look over Qui Shi Huang-Di after his death.

The Terra Cotta soldiers are not discovered until 1974. About 7,468 terra cotta soldiers are found still guarding the tomb. There are some wonderful videos that go along with this reading showing how one man brought so much change and misery to so many people.  

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