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It is said that Alexander the Great conquered the entire known world. That, of course, is incorrect since Alexander was unaware of significant parts of the actual known world. This map image depicts the extent of the conquests he had achieved by 323 BC. Online, via SPC Humanities. Click on the image for a better view.


Alexander took his troops to the edge of the world as he knew it. Today, many of the towns and countries known to the Macedonians still exist but are called by different names. This chapter will take you on a virtual tour to visit some of the places Alexander conquered.

  • Tyre - On the Mediterranean Sea, in today's Lebanon, the town is also known as Sur. 
  • Gaza - has some Palestinian autonomy and Israeli control of its airspace and maritime access. During ancient times Gaza, situated on the coastal highway between Egypt and Mesopotamia, was an important commercial and military center. Today the Gaza Strip has limited Palestinian autonomy and Israeli control. 
  • Alexandria (Egypt) - Known today as both Alexandria and El Iskandariya, this still-thriving city on the Mediterranean Sea is Egypt's second-largest. It was once home to the famous library (whose destruction remains a mystery) and the Pharos Lighthouse, a wonder of the ancient world before it was destroyed by an earthquake. 
  • Ecbatana - Capital of the ancient Median empire (known today as Hamadan, Iran), it is the place where Hephaestion (Alexander's close friend and leader of the Macedonian cavalry) died. It is also the place from which orders were given to kill Parmenion, one of Alexander's best generals.
  • Maracanda - Known today as Samarkand, Uzbekhistan, it was in a palace in this town where Alexander killed (most likely accidentally) his friend Clitus
  • Oxus River - Known today as the Amu Darya River, this region, and north of it, was the place of key Alexander conquests.
  • Alexandria Arachosia - Another town (from the former Persian empire) which Alexander named, it is known today as Kandahar, Afghanistan (scene of considerable fighting in the Second Gulf War). 
  • Paropamisus Range - Moving east, Alexander and his men reached the difficult and imposing Hindu-Kush Mountains. Snow was the least of their worries as they met, and defeated, human and natural enemies.
  • Bactra/Zariaspa - Balkh (close to the current city of Mazar-e Sharif in northern Afghanistan) is the oldest town in that country and was the capital of ancient Bactria.
  • Bactria/Sogdiana - This territory, so prominent in the story of Alexander, currently encompasses land in Afghanistan, Uzbekhistan and Tajikistan. Alexander's wife, Roxane, was from Bactria.

Roxane was expecting Alexander's child when her husband died. What happened to her, and her baby boy?

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