Catch Me If You Can - Summary

As a teen runaway, Frank Abagnale passes bad checks and convincingly pretends he is a Pan American pilot. Growing tired of that gig, he decides to impersonate a doctor, then a lawyer and—near the end of his hoodwinking days—a sociology professor.

A former police chief from Houston, Texas observes: 

Frank Abagnale could write a check on toilet paper, drawn on the Confederate States Treasury, sign it ‘U.R. Hooked,’ and cash it at any bank in town, using a Hong Kong driver’s license for identification.

As his criminal skills grow, so do his ambitions. He learns all about The Art of the Steal  from firsthand experience. Although his parents don't realize it, Abagnale has become a notorious thief.

In this story behind the film, meet Frank Abagnale (played by Leonardo DiCaprio) and the real “Carl Hanratty” (played by Tom Hanks). Watch a video as Frank talks about his life. Learn how he changes his ways, from being a notorious con man to a trusted FBI instructor.

Visit the places in Europe where he is caught (Montpellier, France) and spends time behind bars (Perpignan, France and Malmo, Sweden). Discover how—and why—a Swedish judge gives him a second chance. Learn what Abagnale now values most, and uncover the reason why Stephen Spielberg decides to make a movie about Frank's life.



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Author: Carole D. Bos, J.D. 5189stories and lessons created

Original Release: Nov 01, 2002

Updated Last Revision: Jul 01, 2019

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