Passion of the Christ - Summary

Jesus of Nazareth lives in a world that combines Roman rule, Greek thought, and Jewish tradition. He is crucified because of the conflicts in this melting pot of cultures. Jesus performs miracles, such as raising his friend Lazarus from the dead. His actions create problems and focus attention on the Jews living under Roman rule. Because people are putting their faith in Jesus, the Jewish leaders plot his death. 

Rome conquers Jerusalem in 63 BC. This results in a 400-year reign of Rome over the Jews and their country. In the beginning, the Jewish people have their own rulers, but Roman rulers eventually replace them. These Romans oppress the Jewish people, but Jesus of Nazareth taught love and forgiveness. The Roman rulers decide to stop Jesus because of his increasing popularity. They plan his death by the horrible method of Roman torture called crucifixion. 

The word crucifixion translates to an English word meaning intense pain. Crucifixion was agonizing death on a cross. During the process of crucifixion, the person walks outside of the city gates. The victim carries his own heavy cross, then is stripped of his clothes and tied or nailed by his hands and feet to the wooden cross. Modern medical doctors believe that death by crucifixion causes the muscles in the chest to become paralyzed. Suffocation follows. 

People begin to doubt that Jesus is the Messiah and Son of God that scriptures predict. As the doubt grows, people start to turn against Jesus. During the Jewish Passover, Judas, a disciple, betrays Jesus to the religious leaders. Jesus predicts this will happen, along with his death. The religious leaders see Jesus as a threat and arrest him because of his teachings. 

Once Jesus was under arrest, no one wants the responsibility for his death sentence. He goes before Pilate, then Herod, then back to Pilate. Pilate eventually gives in and condemns Jesus to death. Jesus is stripped, dressed in a scarlet robe, and crowned with a circle of thorns. Soldiers humiliate him, then lead him to be crucified. He dies on the cross, and is placed in a guarded tomb. Three days later he rises, and appears to several people. This is the Easter Story, and has been celebrated by many of the world’s greatest painters, along with countless believers. 

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