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Image combing two photos—one of K2 and the other of the Matterhorn—to compare their relative sizes.  Comparative work by Anthony 717, online via Wikimedia Commons.  License:  CC BY-SA.3.0


What we get from this adventure
is just sheer joy.
And joy is, after all,
the end of life.

George Leigh Mallory

George Mallory, the legendary British mountain climber, was asked why he wanted to climb Mt. Everest.  "Because it’s there," he said.

Today, many decades later, people are still climbing the great mountains of the world because they are "there."

K2, the most dangerous mountain to climb, is in the Karakoram Range. At 28,250 feet (8,611 meters) no mountain - save Everest - is higher. But no mountain - even Everest - is steeper.

This is a story of the majesty—and mystery—of K2. And it is a story of death-defying, risk-taking, mountain-climbing courage.

The kind of courage all humans possess but rarely find the need to use.

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