Toeur (Illustration) Poetry

 Oblivious to the power you possess,

passionately beautiful,

catching the eyes of all who see.

Flittering as a wren, graceful as a swan,

you hold yourself high.

Knowledgeable, your naivete hides.

Those who know you

shocked to find a soul, a mind, a beauty

as spirited as yours.

You can defeat all

though you don't know it.

You are capable of reaching

the highest mountain peaks.

As you climb, you affect

all those you encounter.

Know this. Use this

Let your true self shine forth without barrier

and all is possible.

For you possess that which few have,

the attitude to stay alive,

the love of life a child knows

with the sophistication of ancient times.

Know always that you are special,

unlike any other.

Take pride in that fact.

Don't let anyone let you down,

for you are a true angel

whose words match her song.

Know that I will always love you.

Know that you have affected me

in ways you will never know.

Sing your song for the world to hear,

I guarantee they'll listen.


Author: Jeannine Proulx

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Original Release: Jan 01, 2014

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