Mere Words

Mere Words (Illustration) Poetry Famous People

I only meant
   To question
   Not to harm
I razed the toll-free bridge
   Connecting mutual trust

I should have
   Asked you
Sustaining courage left me
   While we were on our own.

Now the gap between us
   Is not closed
   By an embrace
My arms, my soul
   Are empty, missing you

Brash, I am alone
   Isolated by a distance
   I created
Not with Mere Words
   With public accusations.

You know me well
   You listened
   Not just heard
You understood the meaning
   Of my hidden thoughts

How can I end
   This unforced loneliness?
   Mere Words
Will not revive
   The trust we shared so long

Mere Words
   Will not repair
   The damage
I have caused
   To you, to us

Mere Words
   Will not rebuild
   The solid structure
I destroyed
   With callous whim

Mere Words
   Will not return
   Free passage
On our bridge
   Restored by human faults.


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Author: Carole D. Bos, J.D. 5197stories and lessons created

Original Release: Jan 03, 2014

Updated Last Revision: Apr 15, 2015

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From Marriage Is a Balance Beam, a book of poetry by Carole Bos.


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