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Photograph of Adolf Hitler taken on 20 April 1937.  Original maintained by the German Federal Archives.  Online courtesy, Wikimedia Commons.


The ultimate objective must, however,
be the irrevocable removal
of the Jews in general.

Adolf Hitler 
First Antisemitic Writing
Letter to Adolf Gemlich 
September 16, 1919

Say the word "Holocaust," and what instantly comes to mind is the planned extermination of Jews, Gypsies, and political prisoners of the Third Reich. Say the phrase “Holocaust Deniers,” and what comes to mind is a group of people who say the Holocaust never happened.

Are there written documents one could use to prove not only that the Holocaust happened but that it was planned? Are there written documents, in addition to the vast resources of eyewitness testimony and photographs, that would indict the Nazi regime?

What about Hitler’s speeches, and those of his cohorts - like Heinrich Himmler? And ... what was it like to be a displaced Jew, forced (if able) to flee the Nazis before they could kill one's family?

What follows are key document examples which reveal facts and demonstrate intent.  

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