The Concept of Faith

The Concept of Faith (Illustration) Poetry


I met a man whose philosophy of life
Didn't seem to offer much:
   At sixty-two, my high-level executive days are over.
   After thirty-seven years, my wife and I are unhappy.
   My children are failures.
   I think I am, too.
When it's time, I'm going to end it like Hemingway.

What made me happy, he wondered.
   My faith.
   My marriage.
   My family.
   My career.

He scoffed at the concept of faith:
   I came from crap;
   I'm going back to crap.
   If I die like Hemingway, at least I decide when.

He laughed when I said
   I didn't come from crap;
   I'm not going back to crap.
   There's no reason to blow off your head like Hemingway.

His response was that
   The only point of life
   Is just to live it
   Before we disappear into oblivion.

I asked him about
   The point of living -
   If just living life
   Merely gets us to oblivion.

He said
   It doesn't matter.
   He was satisfied with his lack of faith
   In anything but the here and now.

I said
   It does matter.
   Faith in nothing but the here and now
   Is no faith.

He pondered my question:
   If you really have faith in nothing,
   Which has brought you only sorrow,
   How is your lack of faith better than my faith,
   Which has brought me only joy?

Intrigued, he smiled but said nothing.
   We became friends, though.
   Maybe that was his answer.

I still wonder
   Why he told me about his inner turmoil,
   Why he told me about his pain,
   Why he told me about his despair.
   Did he think it would bring a measure of peace?
   Did he think it would ease his pain?
   Did he think I could somehow help lessen his despair?

I know
   Another person's understanding does offer some peace,
   Kindness does ease pain,
   Candid talk does help lessen despair
   When someone openly questions
   The meaning of existence.

Maybe my friend saw in me
   The power of personal faith.
   Maybe that recognition made him question
   The strength of his doubt.

I often wonder
   Whether our talks mattered as much to him
   As they mattered to me.

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Author: Carole D. Bos, J.D. 5190stories and lessons created

Original Release: Feb 26, 2014

Updated Last Revision: Sep 15, 2016

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From a book of poetry, entitled Life is a Non-Stop Event, by Carole Bos.


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