Hannibal Lecter and Albert Fish - Preface

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Grace Budd, in 1928, is seen on the right side of this photo with her brother and sister.


The story becomes a little more
repugnant as we go along.

Dr. Frederic Wertham, 
At the trial of Albert Fish, 
March, 1935

Hannibal Lecter’s gruesome habits are hard to break. Watching the fictional character on screen, we safely conclude: "Well, it’s only a movie. It’s not like it’s real or anything."

Except that ... Hannibal Lecter is loosely based on a real man. A man so fiendish that his story makes Hannibal’s exploits seem tame by comparison. At least Hannibal Lecter didn’t harm children.

Hamilton Albert Fish - the real-life cannibal - was tried and electrocuted for doing unspeakable things. What he did in real life would never be part of a movie script. No reasonable person would take fiction that far.

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