Attila the Hun - Summary

In all recorded history, rarely has a man been feared as much as Attila, king of the fifth-century Huns. The length of his rule (eight years) pales when compared with the vast spread of his carnage.

 A fearsome king of a fearsome people, he created an empire from the Urals (in today’s Russia) to the Rhine (in today’s Germany) when the only means of transportation was riding a horse.

Contemporary writers describe the weapon which the Huns favored: a reflex bow. Drawing back twenty to thirty centimeters, the Huns' bow was powerfully effective. Their arrows could travel 300 meters (about 328 yards), killing a man at half that distance.

They were also expert horsemen, adept at using stirrups. Standing upright on a racing horse, they could fire their deadly arrows forward, backward and sideways. Unsuspecting townsfolk did not realize disaster was about to strike until they saw a cloud of dust and heard pounding hooves. Then the sky would turn black as Hun arrows rained down on soon-to-be-conquered people.

To avoid a predictable fate, people in Attila’s path were often willing to pay significant tribute just to keep him away. His efforts, it is said, made him seriously rich.

In this story about Attila, take a trip with the Huns to see the extent of their conquests. Read what Priscus, a contemporary historian, wrote about his meetings with Attila. Visit a town in Italy which never fully recovered from the Huns’ attack. Meet the two men who finally stopped Attila’s conquering ways, learn the likely cause of his death and discover what happened to his empire soon thereafter.

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