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Marie Antoinette is a fictional movie based on the life of the Queen in the years leading up to the French Revolution. Maria Antonia Josephina Johanna Habsburg (Kirsten Dunst), princess of Austria, is the youngest of Empress Maria Theresa's (Marianne Faithfull) sixteen children. At the age of fifteen, Marie Antoinette’s mother has her marry Louis-Auguste (Jason Schwartzman) of France to form an alliance between the two rival countries.

Marie Antoinette leaves Vienna and everyone and everything she has ever known. Marie Antoinette marries Louis-Auguste in an elaborate wedding at the Palace of Versailles. Six thousand people attend a reception in the Hall of Mirrors, and a lavish wedding dinner honoring the bride and groom at Versailles’ new Opera House. 

Four years after her marriage, Louis XV (Rip Torn) dies from smallpox and Marie Antoinette becomes queen of France. As time passes, she begins to find life at the court of Versailles difficult. The people of France begin to resent Marie Antoinette when she changes customs at Versailles to procedures she used in Vienna. Nobles gossip about Marie Antoinette and scorn her as a foreigner. 

French people are tired of unfair tax structures, royal overspending, and fighting long wars with England; they revolt against their monarchy in 1789. As the French Revolution begins to erupt, the royal family leaves Versailles for Paris. 

In this story behind the movie, meet the famous Queen of France and learn about her life. Read how Marie Antoinette and her family meet a tragic end. Learn about Marie Antoinette’s royal childhood and see the three palaces where she spends her time. See pictures of Marie Antoinette from the time she is an infant through adulthood. Travel back in time to experience the French Revolution’s “Reign of Terror” when thousands of people are executed by guillotine.

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