In its campaign to raise money through war bonds, the United States government issued an emotional appeal directly to families whose little girls prayed for their older brothers:


Now I lay me down to sleep
I pray the Lord my soul to keep.
God bless my brother gone to war
Across the seas, in France, so far.
Oh, may his fight for Liberty,
Save millions more than little me
From cruel fates or ruthless blast,-
And bring him safely home at last.

Buy United States Government Bonds
Third Liberty Loan

"Victory Boys" was another attempt by the government to elicit the financial help of children in the war effort. Portraying the hand of a young boy on the back of a soldier, a poster encourages "every American boy" to

Earn and give to help keep our fighters happy

If that advice were taken, there would be

A million boys behind
a million fighters

In other ways the federal government, using pictures of little girls, encouraged fathers to purchase war bonds:

My Daddy Bought Me a Government Bond
of the

Did Yours?

As they were earlier in the century, World War II living conditions in Great Britain were significantly worse than they were in America. And children, once again, were more adversely effected.

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