Knight's Tale, A - Summary

As Geoffrey Chaucer wrote his Canterbury Tales, his English did not sound like today’s English. And the author of The Knight's Tale could never have imagined that his work would birth a movie similarly named.

 Who was Chaucer (Paul Bettany)? How did “Old English” compare to modern English? What was life like in medieval Britain?

Our story begins in 1360 - a time of castles and intrigue, of knights and chivalry. Less than twenty years earlier, the Black Death had decimated Europe’s population. Twenty years later, Wat Tyler (Alan Tudyk as Wat Falhurst) would meet his fate while leading a peasant uprising.

Meanwhile, Edward of Woodstock (James Purefoy) - later known as Edward, the Black Prince - was fighting battles and jousting in tournaments. Did he ever come up against anyone called Sir William Thatcher (Heath Ledger) or Sir Ulrich von Lichtenstein of Gelderland?

As it happens, medieval life was difficult, while living in castles was far less romantic (or glamorous) as one might think. People believed in the Wheel of Fortune - a kind of fate which governed the ups and downs of life. And if anyone attempted to question the authority of the king, such impertinence would oft be met with execution - in a very gruesome manner.

In this story behind the movie, met Geoffrey Chaucer and hear how his work sounds in “Old English.” Take a trip to medieval Britain and experience tournament jousting. Meet the real Black Prince and discover what happened to him. Then examine the “feudal system” and explore its impact on social and class distinctions.

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