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Patriot, The (Illustration) American History Fiction Film Revolutionary Wars American Revolution

1820 painting, by John Blake White, depicts Brigadier General Francis Marion meeting for a prisoner exchange with a British officer.  The oil painting now hangs in the United States Capitol. Image online, courtesy Smithsonianmag.org


Whoever looks upon them as an irregular mob
will find himself much mistaken. They have
men amongst them who know very well what
they are about.

Lord Hugh Percy 

It was 1775. George III, ruler of Great Britain, viewed the thirteen American colonies as "his." Heavy taxes, paid by the colonials, filled the King's treasury. Life was good - for some people. For others, like Thomas Paine,

These are the times
that try men's souls

The American Crisis

What was trying "men's souls" was British rule. The time had come for America to be free.

But cutting the ties that bound thirteen colonies to England would not happen without a revolt. No one ever gives up a treasure without a fight—especially not a king. 

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