National Treasure: Book of Secrets - Summary

In the second installment of National Treasure, Benjamin Franklin Gates (played by Nicolas Cage) embarks on another treasure-hunting adventure. He gets help from his pals Riley Poole (Justin Bartha) and Abigail Chase (Diane Kruger), while his parents - Patrick Gates (Jon Voight) and Professor Emily Appleton (Helen Mirren) - aid in the quest.

 Key to the story are missing pages from the diary of an assassin, John Wilkes Booth, killer of President Abraham Lincoln. Treasure clues show up in the most unusual places, including the Statue of Liberty and panels in a presidential desk.

In this story behind the movie, learn about the death of President Lincoln and see the original diary of John Wilkes Booth. Look behind the scenes as the Statue of Liberty is envisioned, then created.

Take a virtual trip to the Arctic Circle to understand the mission of HMS Resolute, as its crew searched for the missing Franklin Expedition. Investigate the whaling industry of the 1850s, discover how one of America’s whaling ships found the Resolute adrift in the sea and learn how some of the ice ship’s wooden planks became an Oval Office desk.

Examine ancient Olmec glyphs, learn about the people who created them and see the statues of colossal heads which they left behind. And ... speaking of colossal heads ... meet Gutzon Borglum who wanted to carve not just Mount Rushmore but also a giant cavern vault (behind the mountain) which could house some of America’s national treasures.

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