Normandy Invasion - Summary

A Normandy invasion, by sea, can only take place a few days each month. Troops will need a full moon to provide enough light. They’ll need a tide, three hours past its ebb, to provide just the right line-of-sight. Allied commanders believe those requirements will line-up in early June, 1944.

But no invasion can commence in bad weather, and the weather in the English Channel has been unseasonably bad. Then, unexpectedly, a Royal Navy ship reports sustained rising pressure due south of Iceland. Since weather in that part of the North Atlantic often impacts conditions in Great Britain, commanders are encouraged. D-Day, for the Normandy invasion, will be June 5th.

Soldiers, sailors and airmen of the Allied Expeditionary Force open a second front in the battle against Hitler. For the first time, troops in Europe fight in the west as well as the east.

In this story about the Normandy invasion, and the day it begins, step back in time to June of 1944. Examine the details of “Operation Overlord” and General Eisenhower’s misdated note. Learn about the tremendous build-up of men and material. Discover maps which set the stage of battle and predict the weather. Uncover “Plan Bodyguard,” a ruse to deceive Hitler and his military leaders.

Meet the D-Day commanders. Cross the Channel with the troops. Virtually visit the beaches assigned to Britain (“Gold” and “Sword”), Canada (“Juno”) and America (“Utah” and “Omaha”). See official photos as the convoys arrive and the men go ashore. Watch archival film footage of the battles. Hear descriptions of events from some of the men involved.

Travel with the troops as they move inland. Learn why days and nights merge as exhausted soldiers inch closer to Paris. Study the daunting statistics of the undertaking and learn how Operation Overlord finally ends when the Allies liberate Paris.

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