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"Black Dahlia", Public Domain.

This Elizabeth Short photo, taken in October of 1946, became part of the police-investigation file as officers looked into her death.  Online courtesy Steve Hodel (author of Black Dahlia Avenger).


She was a good girl.
She was a good girl!

Phoebe Short 
After identifying the remains of her daughter, Elizabeth (“Betty”) Short 
Los Angeles, California 
January, 1947


Witnesses last saw Elizabeth Short, a beautiful 22-year-old woman, leaving the Biltmore Hotel at around 10:00 p.m. on January 9, 1947. She was not seen again until a passerby found her mutilated body one week later.

Where was Elizabeth during that week? Why has her still-unsolved murder fascinated people for nearly sixty years? Why are sections of the investigative record, usually made public, still sealed after so many decades?

And how did she get these injuries which the coroner noted, in the death certificate, as the immediate cause of her demise:

Hemorrhage and shock due to
concussions of the brain and
lacerations of the face.

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