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The U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum has a series of posters for its “State of Deception: Power of Nazi Propaganda” exhibit. This image depicts one of those posters. The USHMM provides this description: “This July 1932 election poster shows the German worker, enlightened through National Socialism, towering over his opponents. It reads ‘We Workers Have Awakened. We’re Voting National Socialist.’” The slate for National Socialists is noted as "List 2."


After World War I, Germans suffered from the harsh terms of the Versailles Treaty. With the country’s economy in shambles, "seeds of bitterness" had been sown. It seemed impossible, even for government officials in Berlin, to reverse the downward slide.

During the 1928 national elections, a developing political party headed by Adolf Hitler- called the National Socialist German Workers’ Party - promised change but made a poor showing. Garnering a very small percent of the vote, no one really knew its leaders or what they stood for.

At the time, the world had never heard of Hitler. (Scroll down 60% in this April 18, 1932 article.) He and his party - referred to, by some observers, as the "Joke Party" - had a major job to do. They had to widely acquaint German voters with this relatively obscure man (the picture depicts him as a WWI soldier) from Linz.

In the days before television, political candidates relied on posters, among other things, to "get known." Hitler, and his colleagues, became masters of mass communication. Let’s take a look at some of the posters which the Nazi party created to "spread the word" about Hitler (whom the government had banned from speaking in most public places during 1927).

  • 1927 - "Who is Adolf Hitler?  The man from the people, for the people! The German front soldier who risked his life in 48 battles for Germany! . . . Why is Hitler not allowed to speak? Because he is ruthless in uncovering the rulers of the German economy, the international bank Jews and their lackeys. . .Working Germans! Demand the lifting of the illegal ban on his speaking!"
  • 1928 - Although most Nazi party activities were banned in Berlin, during 1928, posters (like this one) could speak for the party’s leaders. Its English translation is:  "Despite the ban, not dead. The German who loves freedom belongs in the National Socialist S.A."
  • 1930 - A graphic poster, with a Nazi sword passing through a Star of David, makes clear the party’s intentions regarding Jews. "List 9: National-Socialist-German-Workers-Party."
  • 1928 - An election poster makes it sound like Hitler will reverse the humiliating effects of WWI: "Two million dead! Did they die in vain? Never! Front soldiers! Adolf Hitler shows you the way! [Vote for] List 10."
  • 1930 - Poster for the Reichstag (parliament) election: "The people rise! They vote List 9!"
  • 1932 - For the November Reichstag election, the party created an effective poster. In English, it says:  "Work and Bread Through List 1 [the Nazi candidates]."

Hitler’s party received 2.6% of the national parliamentary vote in 1928. They increased their standing to 18.3% in 1930. By 1932, when Germany’s president - Paul von Hindenburg - was 84 years old, Hitler and his party captured 37% of the vote. Nazi strategy, and Hitler’s fiery orations, were working.

In January of 1933, von Hindenburg legally named Hitler chancellor. Worried about what this new leader might do in Europe, thousands of people in America protested Hitler’s elevation. They were already concerned about his anti-Jewish views.

There was, however, no turning back.

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