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Antwone Fisher, as he appears today, after the successful release of his book and the film (directed by Denzel Washington) on which it is based.


After he left the Navy, Antwone accepted a security guard position at the Terminal Island Federal Correctional Institution, offshore from Long Beach, California.

Keeping his personal promise not to stay in any one place very long, he next found work as a security guard at Sony Pictures Studios in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Culver City. That job proved to be his "lucky break."

Although he could not have imagined how his life would change, Antwone's talents opened doors for him. When executives at Sony Pictures heard about his incredible journey, they wanted to make a movie of his life.

Despite the fame such an opportunity would give him, Fisher declined. He would not accept one of the studio's stipulations: Someone else would have to write his story.

Antwone, a man who loved to write, waited for the right offer. He would author his own story and his own screen play.

Before he could write that story, however, Antwone Fisher had to undertake a painful task. He had to find himself, his talents, his family and his personal history. Willing to follow the advice of Lieutenant Commander Williams, he accepted "that I came from somewhere and that someday I should unravel the mystery of where that was."

Antwone has now done that. And all of us, hearing and seeing his story, are better for it.

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