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People who settled on land in the Great Plains sometimes used sod to build their homesteads. This image depicts such a sod house. The image is online via the University of Tampere, in Finland.


Many towns, some with large populations today, had inauspicious beginnings as westward migration continued:

  • Cheyenne, Wyoming, on the Oregon Trail (1876).
  • Deadwood, a South Dakota Territory gold rush town, in 1876.
  • Oklahoma City (Indian Territory), by 1889, had U.S. government buildings, a railroad station, a water tank, and soldiers from the 13th Infantry guarding lumber and an uncompleted cemetery.
  • Midland, Texas experienced severe sandstorms like the one which obscured windmills and houses on February 20, 1894.
  • In 1895, children studied in a sod schoolhouse in Woods County (Oklahoma Territory).
  • Lamon's Log Cabin was the first one built in Yosemite Valley (California Territory) in 1895.
  • Flagstaff (Arizona Territory) had a post office as well as other buildings by 1899.
  • Oil was discovered in Cleveland (Oklahoma Territory) in 1904. A year later, the town had been transformed into a city of oil derricks.
  • The mountain valleys of Idaho sprouted tent towns as westward movement continued in 1909.
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