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Use AwesomeStories Archive and Apps
To Teach Through Stories, Media and Primary Sources!

  • Explore stories finding revelations in evidence with your students!
  • Build your own curriculum in StoryMakerTM.
  • Teach students to research, write and cite.
  • Discover and share reliable, curated, legal content.
  • Infuse your lessons with multi-media stories which engage learners.
  • Integrate content in the crowded curriculum with cross-subject teaching.
  • Focus on critical thinking, collaboration, evidence-based reflection and writing.
  • Reach Common Core and State Standards Learning Objectives with lessons requiring analysis and reflection.
  • Support student needs for 21st-century instruction (technology and collaboration).
  • Achieve high-quality teaching standards.
  • Save time with integrated Assignment Creation, Learning Task, and Grading.
  • Create and publish stories on AwesomeStories.com and guide your students to do the same.

 Handy Links:

Dynamic Directory  an up to the minute directory of new and revised stories followed by complete archive directory
Website Guide   an overview of the website to support site familiarity and answer, "what is where?" (PDF)
StoryCalendar  stories presented by dates related to story content, their historical event, start, or end.
Top 10 Reasons  graphic top ten teach with AwesomeStories conversation starters for peers, parents even investors  
Top 10 Reasons  graphic top ten to introduce learning with AwesomeStories to your student body
Member Stories  a place to find stories written by members of the AwesomeStories community.
Rubric Reference selected rubrics from PARCC, SBAC, RubiStar rubrics and creation tools

Tools for Silver Individual Members,
and Gold Teacher + Classroom Members

AwesomeSearchTM laser-sharp search by CCSS or state standard, subject, grade, media type, story origin and key word
AwesomeRadio share charismic narrations of key story chapters, radio plays, and dramatizations of literary classics
Visual Vocabulary bring challenging words to life with images and contextual definitions
Learning Tasks story-based learning tasks deepen understanding


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  • Make assignments with AssignmentMakerTM
  • Make story extensions on curriculum, based on personal experience, or inquisitve research with StoryMakerTM
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  • Use our AwesomeStories Learning Tasks for Specific Stories
  • Create your own custom Learning Tasks
  • Make your own curriculum with CurriculumMakerTM
  • View, add, edit your Bookmarked Learning Tasks and Story pages
  • Make assignments to classes or to individual students
  • Grade student work
  • View reports on individual students, classes, or all students


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Author: Bond-Upson, Deborah 106stories and lessons created

Original Release: Feb 03, 2015

Updated Last Revision: Jun 02, 2016

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