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This image depicts a mural, created by Mary Ann Rentz, which imagines a scene along the "Trail of Tears." It is located in the town of Talking Rock, Georgia, whose web site describes the mural with these words: "The Trail of Tears mural is mounted at the entrance to the Town Park on the side of the pavilion. Local artist Mary Ann Manzel depicts the Cherokee Indians crossing Talking Rock Creek as they traveled in route to Fort Noonan." Click on the image for a better view.


...they have no longer a country, and soon they will not be a people...

Alexis de Tocqueville
Democracy in America

Commenting on the plight of Native Americans
who were forced, by the U.S. federal government, to
leave their lands and migrate to unknown places.


Long before Europeans arrived to settle the land now known as the United States, Native Americans were already living in those places.

Divided into their own nations, they made their own weapons, found and grew their own food and raised their families on ancestral tribal lands.

By the time Andrew Jackson was America’s 7th president, however, Native Americans were not only losing their land, they were in danger of losing their culture.  

Forced to migrate away from their own lands—which the federal government had declared were no-longer theirs—many Native Americans ended-up in a place called “Indian Territory.” Today much of that nineteenth-century “Indian Territory” is known as the State of Oklahoma.

While people of the Cherokee, Choctaw, Chickasaw, Creek and Seminole nations were forced to move west, Americans of varying ethnic backgrounds, mostly European, were also heading toward the great open territory.

One of their occupations was to become cowboys along the American Frontier. 

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